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This website (funded by the Marine ALSF) allows you to browse and visualise a number of geospatial datasets submitted as part of the Marine ALSF Humber REC Project.

The Humber Regional Environmental Characterisation Survey (Data Interpretation and Analysis Phase) was commissioned in FY2008/09 by the MEPF for the Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF). The work was led by Gardline Geosurvey Limited.

The geophysical survey was conducted over 3 stages between 16th October 2008 and 19th March 2009. 3000 line kilometres of data were acquired.The ground truthing survey consisted of a geotechnical leg and an environmental leg and was carried out during April to May 2009. (These survey datasets are available from the Marine GIS website and users should review in conjunction with the survey operations report that is also available).

The overarching objective of the REC Projects (the Humber project is one of 4 RECs commissioned by the Marine ALSF) is to develop a broad understanding of the habitats and areas of archaeological interest present in the regions and to provide an insight into the processes that influence them.

This website allows you to browse and visualise a number of geospatial datasets submitted as part of the  Humber REC (Data Interpretation and Analysis) Project.  Individual datasets can be downloaded from the Marine GIS site by clicking on the download icon (download), next to each layer name.

For more information, see also Humber Interpretation and Humber Data Acquisition.

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